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Our custom marching flags and color guard silks are all printed in house at our 45,000 square foot facility and have great bleed-through from front to back. They are also priced extremely well!

We also offer all of our custom printed flags unsewn for an even greater price discount. Our flag material also “flows” very well. Do you want your own custom flag shape? No problem!

Contact us to see how we can make your vision come true!

Our pricing is so competitive that you will forget about ever buying used color guard flags.  Be sure to check out our pre-printed color guard flags.

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Questions About Color Guard Flags Answered!

What Are Color Guard Flags Made of?

Most color guard flags are made out of 100% polyester (also known as “China Silk”, Lamé (which is a combination of polyester thread and metallic thread), or “hybrid” flags which combine more than one material.

Our custom color guard and winter guard flags are made of China Silk. We use a die-sublimation digital print process the prints to the material and then uses a heat curing process to chemically bond the inks to the material. This makes your flag machine washable. Yeah!

How Much Are Color Guard Flags?

Custom printed flags are surprisingly inexpensive. In fact, you can often custom print your flags for less money than some other “pre-made” flags that are made of more expensive materials. Hybrid flags tend to be the most expensive because it not only uses multiple materials but also involved more labor to put the flags together. Contact your Winter Guard Tarps Representative to see how budget friendly our flags can be!

How Big Are Color Guard Flags?

Color Guard and Winter Guard Flags come in many different shapes and sizes. Probably the most “standard” size is about 36″ high by 57″ wide. Keep in mind the flags often have a “drop” to them (see in a picture how the left size starts higher than the right side?). The 36″ height typically measures the height of the flag on the left side or the right side. The OVERALL size (from the top of the left to the bottom of the right) tends to be more like 54″ depending on the design.

Other flags such as “Swing Flags” and “C-Flags” have much larger sizes.

One of the best thing about getting a custom printed flags is that YOU can tell us EXACTLY what size you want your flag to be for your performance.

How to Wash Color Guard Flags

First, we highly recommend that you rinse your flags before first use. A quick delicate wash cycle will do the trick. This will remove andy ink residue that may remain from the print process and will prevent it from coming out at an inopportune time . . . like on your outfit when it rains.

Washing your flags will not reduce the color or vibrancy of your flags. As with the initial rinse, a simple delicate wash cycle is recommended to keep your flags clean. A mild soap is fine if needed.

How to Design Color Guard Flags

While designing is flag is not as complicated as designing a custom floor tarp, a lot of the principles are the same. This is not a web page or brochure you are designing. Your flags will be seen from a distance. Fine type may look great up close, but no one is going to be able to read it in performance. Here’s an article we wrote with some basic suggestions on designing a floor that has many good tips and ways to avoid pitfalls when designing.