Field Fabric™

WGT Presents . . .

Our Field Fabric™ product is sure to make a HUGE impact on your marching band, drum line, or winter guard show . . . .because it’s HUGE!

We make our Field Fabric™ from a proprietary polyester that is designed to be lightweight, yet durable.

We spent months coming up with the best material to prevent fraying, still be lightweight enough to have eye popping “flow”, and OF COURSE to print the bright, brilliant colors you want for your show.

We can also produce a single color Field Fabric™, but of course you will get the most “bang for your buck” with a custom print specifically designed for YOUR show.

Our Field Fabric™’s are surprisingly affordable, so call or email your WGT Representative today to find out how to get this game changing prop for your show!

Field Fabrics™ by WGT

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