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Custom Floor Tarps, Custom Color Guard Flags, Props, Band Accessories, and More!

Stand Out From The Competition With Beautiful Custom Designs from WGT!

Floor Tarps

WGT can produce your custom floor tarp on high quality 9oz, 11oz, 13oz or 15oz vinyl. We have materials to fit the budget and needs of any ensemble. We also offer a free scale mini for you to approve prior to production.
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Custom Floor Tarps by Winter Guard Tarps
Custom Color Guard Flags by Winter Guard Tarps

Color Guard Flags

Printed in house, our custom color guard flags have great bleed-through and are priced extremely well!  If you need a color guard silk set for your team check us out today!
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Custom Field Props

Custom, digitally printed props of all kinds! Our flatbed printer can print direct to rigid substrates such as MDO board and coroplast, and our custom digital router can cut those materials to any shape you want.
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Custom Field Props from WGT
Giant Field Flags by Winter Guard Tarps

Giant Field Flags

Giant custom field flags are sure to make an enormous impact on your pageantry performance!  The perfect marching or color guard accessory.
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Band and Color Guard Accessories

We carry a full line of marching band accessories and color guard rifles, winter guard sabre (including the Excalibur Sabre), flag poles, and much more. We carry the ever popular color guard gloves Ever-Dri. We also have a full line of Drum major Accessories and even full sound systems. Color Guard Accessories . . .

Color Guard Gloves Ever Dri
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In-House Production Facility for all your Pageantry Needs


Winter Guard Tarps has been producing GIANT images for more than 20 years.


Order your floor, flags, props and giant field flags all in one place and know that your whole show’s look and feel will be color managed in one place.

2015 Season Featured Work

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Best Color Guard Floors Chart

NAME Description Link
1. Custom Floor Tarps Perfectly match your floor to your show Extra Information
2. Pre-Printed and Used Floor Tarps Pre-printed tarps are often less expensive. Pre-printed tarps are not necessarily used. Extra Information
3. Blank Floor Tarps Blank floor tarps for the DIY Groups Extra Information

Best Color Guard Floors